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Today I started the Welfare Food Challenge. For one week, my food budget is only $18.

The welfare food challenge is organized by Raise the Rates, a coalition of community groups that focuses on issues facing the less fortunate and homeless in British Columbia.

Day 1.



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  • Sue Stroud

    Well done. Good luck. So glad you are doing this.

  • Yuko Bartel

    Glad to hear your comments about transportation costs and “extras” like seasonings/condiments & toiletries. I did the challenge 2 years ago and not having salt/pepper, oil, sugar, etc made my meager food less palatable. Even having kitchen tools, running water (dish soap), and refrigeration is a luxury.

  • John McDaniel

    I appreciate that you made a comment about the toiletries, however, this entire challenge is a fraud without purchasing TP or at least 1 bar of soap. Lots of people exist without shampoo or toothpaste. So perhaps next week you could consider experimenting with buying those 2 items and don’t forget, if you run out of TP you will not have any money left to get more until the following week so you’ll have to find public facilities or perhaps free community newspapers.

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