Growing green jobs: Revitalizing rural forestry

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If you owned a hardware store, and it was the only business in town, but you refused to open your doors or let people work there – even though there was plenty of demand for your products and many people ready to work – you’d expect some local people to be pretty upset, wouldn’t you?

A lost opportunity

That’s kind of what’s happening with British Columbia’s forestry industry, but the government hasn’t done anything about it. Many sustainable jobs are simply waiting for the store to reopen, so to speak, but the companies who own the rights to harvest, produce, and prepare timber to ship are refusing to do so.

That means local jobs that would put food on tables, pay taxes to cover important costs in healthcare or education, and give people the chance to stand up on their own feet, are being held back by companies that only care about profit.

Put an end to boom and bust economics – put an end to BC ghost towns.


The Tyee, “BC Forest Policy Killing Jobs in Small Communities, Say Critics”, Nov. 21. 2016


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