Bryce Casavant was born and raised on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Bryce began working at the age of 16 in the aviation industry, during which time he finished an apprenticeship and achieved a technical diploma in aircraft mechanics.

At the age of 20, Bryce enlisted in the Canadian Forces, ultimately serving on the front lines in Afghanistan as an Operational Mentor. Following his honourable release from service, he worked as a commercial diver and environmental consultant until entering public service as a Conservation Officer in British Columbia.

In 2015, while working as a Conservation Officer, Bryce earned international attention when he respectfully declined a provincial order to destroy two bear cubs. Bryce followed the law and stood up for BC’s wildlife. His actions inspired a national dialogue about the sustainable conservation and safe treatment of animals in British Columbia. The cubs he saved were released back into the wild in 2016 where they continued to grow and thrive.

“The world needs more advocates”
Advocacy life

Following service as a provincial Conservation Officer, Bryce began working as a Senior Compliance and Enforcement Specialist with the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations, where his unique combination of skills, education, and frontline experience proved invaluable in complex forestry and environmental investigations. Bryce specialized in the investigation of government non-compliances with environmental laws.Bryce smiling

In the BC provincial election of 2017, Bryce was asked to run as a political candidate in the riding of Oak Bay-Gordon Head. Though he ran a strong campaign, earning the support of many on Vancouver Island, he did not win the election.

After the election, Bryce turned his attention to completing doctoral studies at Royal Roads University. Bryce’s academic research focused on provincial environmental law enforcement and its relationship to BC society. He graduated with a doctorate in social sciences in 2020 after passing his dissertation defence. Bryce has presented in all levels of BC court on environmental policing matters (including the BC Court of Appeal, our highest court) and held a multiyear doctoral fellowship with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Bryce has written extensively on environmental and law enforcement affairs in BC and provided technical advice to various legal teams. 

“My goal is to help people navigate complex systems”
Current Efforts

Today, Dr. Bryce J. Casavant is focusing on being an advocate for the environment, his community, and most importantly, being a father to his young daughter, Athena. Bryce has a long-held passion for historical diving and diving history, one of his only personal hobbies.

Bryce in the army
BC Court of Appeal
Bryce with his daughter, Athena
Bryce in formal uniform